As a new bat purchase approaches, parents and ball players ask what is the different between composite & metal bats and what are the pros & cons for each?

Composite bats use a reinforced carbon fiber polymer, or composite. Composite bats offer advantages over metal, or alloy, bats in durability, weight distribution, increased “trampoline” effect, and reduction to hand sting. The only real “downside” to a composite bat is that it will require a break-in period when first purchased. The performance of a composite bat cannot be judged on its first round of batting practice. It will require a break-in period to reach its full potential.

Metal bats, however, do have two major advantages over composite bats. The purchase price is lower and metal bats do not require a break in. Metal, or alloy, bats are as “hot” as they will ever be right out of the wrapper.

To sum it up, composite bats will have better performance after a break in period and will generally cost you at least $100 more. Metal bats have no break in time, are hotter than composite bats at first, and cost much less. Remember though, proper length and weight are much more important when picking out the perfect bat for you.

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Written by,

Richard Grayshon

Barcelona Sports Retail Manager

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