Why Re-Lace?

Over time and use, gloves do breakdown. Glove re-lacing can save your glove because even with proper care, leather laces stretch, crack, develop small tears, and eventually can snap. This is a common and prevalent occurrence in Texas, due to the dry, hot climate gloves are exposed to. Due to our close relationship with top manufactures of baseball gloves (Mizuno, Wilson, & Rawlings), we have been able to establish a top tier re-lacing, repairing, and customization service for almost every glove on the market.  By re-lacing old and warn out lace with fresh, pro-grade lace, we can extend the life expectancy of your glove. Not only can this be done to repair broken lace, this reduces stresses on the glove itself and prevents further tears in the glove.

Each full re-lace receives a complimentary conditioning and cleaning treatment to help keep it from drying out. Conditioning also helps the glove’s optimal shape. Along with the repairs, we offer every color on the spectrum when changing your laces. This option is also a more cost effective alternative to ordering a custom glove. Along with personalizing the color of the laces, we can also replace glove webs by ordering custom made webs that are measured and ordered per the customer’s request. We are certified by Wilson and Mizuno to offer these custom glove services.

To receive a custom quote for glove re-lacing please email Will@barcelonasports.com or ask to speak with Will at our Spring Branch location 713-464-8313 Ext. 124

Written by,

Will Miller

Barcelona Sports

Assistant Retail Manager & Glove Re-lacing Expert

10405 Katy Freeway, Suite C.Houston, TX 77024

The following Images are Samples of laces & before and after images of Gloves that
were re-laced and reconditioned by Will Miller.