Although spring baseball is coming to an end, a whole new, exciting chapter of baseball is just beginning; Summer Baseball! Here at Barcelona, and basically the entire state of Texas, baseball is a year-round sport. Our “baseball season” never stops! Which is why as a sports retailer, we consistently keep our retail floor stacked with the best & newest baseball gear. As parents to a young ball player, we often get many questions from you all when trying to select a new bat as your player gets older. One of the top questions we get at Barcelona is what is a BBCOR Bat and when do I have to start using one?

BBCOR – Batted Ball Coefficient Of Restitution

The measurement of the “Bounceness” of a bat is referred to as Batted Ball Coefficient Of Restitution or “BBCOR”. A BBCOR bat must be used in high school and college play. BBCOR is designed to mimic a wood bat’s performance. This standard was designed to keep pitchers safer and the number of homeruns, especially in college, within reasonable amounts. Although 14u select baseball does not require the use of BBCOR, many 8th graders choose to start using them during their Christmas break. The early start allows the ball player a chance to get used to the BBCOR Bat and build muscle memory in his swing, since swinging this bat will require a little more muscle to hit the ball just as far. This early start is so important due to the fact that the BBCOR bat is a Drop 3 (-3 oz.) bat, the heaviest they will ever use.

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Written by,
Richard Grayshon

Retail Manager
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